Wyndham Farm

October 06, 2020

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Squirrel Shooting

March 21, 2020

What you can still do while the Coronavirus affects our lives.

Thermal Imaging and Stalking

March 18, 2020

Pattern Plate

February 18, 2020

Colonel Hawker for the ST

February 19, 2020

Wildfowling the Colonel Hawker way.


January 01, 2020

A late season day in Dorset for Shooting Times.

The Hoddington Estate

December 26, 2019


November 26, 2019

A day for Shooting Gazette at Michael Matthews' Buckholt.


November 19, 2019

A beautiful Devon shoot for the Gazette.

The Nutley Shoot

November 15, 2019

A day for the Gazette.

10 in 10

November 14, 2019

Another good day working for ST.

Consall Valley

October 22, 2019

A great day at the Consall Valley shoot for Shooting Gazette.

Cold Aston II

October 20, 2019

A day of photography and shooting courtesy of Ean Branston.

Cold Aston

October 04, 2019

Superb Gloucestershire partridge for Shooting Gazette.

Airgunning Field Craft

August 26, 2019

A Somerset shoot for TI Media with Mat Manning.

Glorious 13th

August 12, 2019

Day two at Whitfield.

Glorious 12th

August 11, 2019

Whitfield Moor

A fine result!

July 28, 2019

Deerstalking for ST.

The Browning 525 Shadow

July 21, 2019

A gun test at the Oxford Gun Company.

Stalking with a single shot

July 11, 2019

A day in Dorset for ST.

Fox control for ST

June 16, 2019

Simulated day at Charlbury for ST

May 17, 2019

Trophy Making

April 25, 2019

Military Rowing for the Field

March 28, 2019

Messing about in boats...

Deer Stalking 101 for ST

March 16, 2019

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From field to plate

February 24, 2019

Roost shooting for Shooting Times

Gurston Down January 2019

January 01, 2020

Another good day for Shooting Gazette.

Hunting Tower

January 01, 2020

Another stalking ploy.

Willow Hide

January 01, 2020

Hide construction for Shooting Times with the two Richards.

Barrow Hill January 2019

January 08, 2019

A great day and a great season.

Rotherfield again, for Shooting Times

January 07, 2019

A GWCT day at Rotherfield

Old Fonthill Abbey shoot

December 17, 2018

A day in Wiltshire for Shooting Gazette.

The Knowle Shoot

December 08, 2018

A lovely day in East Sussex

Great Durnford II

December 07, 2018

A shoot day for Shooting Gazette.


November 29, 2018

High and fast on the Isle of Wight

Lees Court

November 20, 2018

Cold & rain but good shooting.

Boundary Day in Tarrant

November 05, 2018

Why smaller days are so popular.

Walked Up in Dorset

October 19, 2018

A sunny October day.


October 11, 2018

A day photographing for Shooting Gazette.

Brightwalton & Ilsley

January 01, 2020

Partridge in Berkshire


January 01, 2020

HPRs at Rotherfield Park

September 30, 2018

Shooting over HPRs.

A Wessex McNab

September 28, 2018

A fabulous day with Richard Hardy.

Hampshire Country Sports Day

September 08, 2018

A great day celebrating country life.

Great Durnford

September 06, 2018

A beautiful early partridge day in Wiltshire.

The Mansfield's fabulous garden and Alitex greenhouse.

July 13, 2018

Richard Hardy's Shoot

July 04, 2018

A wonderful afternoon on the Dorset/Wiltshire border.

Fishing with the Hussars

June 15, 2018

A great day on the upper Wilts Avon for Shooting Times with Will, Max and Tom.


May 14, 2018

Musgrove Willows for The Field

April 22, 2018

The story of a family enterprise.

Pawton Manor

November 17, 2017

Day two of my Cornwall trip and sunshine all the way at Pawton Manor.

Timsbury with Will Martin

February 10, 2018

A fun species day on the Test at Timsbury for Shooting Times.

Caerhays Castle

November 18, 2017

Day three of my Shooting Gazette trip to Cornwall.


November 16, 2017

Day two of my Shooting Gazette trip to Cornwall.